Week 9 - Further Processing and Manufacture

Could South Australia develop the technological capability to establish conversion, enrichment or fuel fabrication facilities?


  1. What is meant by ‘develop’? Does this mean could South Australia purchase conversion, enrichment or fuel fabrication facilities from appropriate manufacturers and operate them here using Australian uranium? The obvious answer is: Yes we could – for a price. The question I expect the RC to address is ‘should we?’

  2. We could establish an uranium enrichment facility, using the Australian Silex laser separation technology. We could accept spent fuel assemblies for reprocessing into MOX fuel components and other fuel types. We could manufacture fuel containers.

  3. Nuclear legacy
    20% of children born healthy.
    They also become sick later.
    Chernobyl leaking to the Black Sea,
    Fukushima is cooking the oceans.

    We need to divest from nuclear.

    If we want to help to resolve the issues at Chernobyl and Fukushima then can we develop ways to draw the radiation from the water, crops, animals, people, landscape.
    Can we collect radiation in these regions using the radiation as energy to do it? Robotic?
    Harvest plant species that collect radiation and use them as power sources to reduce more radiation?