Week 5 – Exploration, Extraction and Milling

How should companies interested in exploration or mining in South Australia best engage with members of local communities, such as land owners or native title holders?


  1. Because of the past history of nuclear weapons development in Australia, and of serious incidents at nuclear power stations around the would, it would be helpful if companies interested in exploration and mining would establish open and friendly community and press relations. This could include opening a visitors center appropriate in size with each operation, with limited but knowledgeable staff who are able to present the company story, and to provide factual literature about the operations and future development plans. They could also include visits to regional centers and schools with presentations and handouts. For best results these should be relevant, factual, and illustrate the benefits to the community in hosting the company; eg, by reporting the employment and economic benefits provided to the local area.

  2. Tell them to watch the videos on Chernobyl and move away.
    Tell them that if they stay their elecricity will generate debt for building and maintenance of the plant into the forseeable future. That it will fuel war which will increase the radiation load of the planet. That their fishing industries and agriculture will not be exportable. That their own families will be eating food which is unsafe. The moment where the doctor is telling the child off for eating berries is particularly poignant in the film and for me captures the way that natural relationships with country have been made toxic and unsafe. Tell them that they will be responsible for the future litigation regarding radiation poisoning around the world from the ore taken from here. Tell them that there are no human rights to safe water and food. Tell them that you could have invested in wind, solar and tidal energy in SA without damaging any of the water or environment. that those technologies would have involved distributed jobs across the state and could have been developed to be even more efficient and lower in resource costs. That other communities harnessing free natural energy sources will be more competitive because the cost of energy will be low and flexible. For them it will be a basic infrastructure like a phone line not a great monolithic neighbour with a halflife.