Week 13 - The risks associated with transporting nuclear or radioactive waste

Can the risks associated with transporting nuclear or radioactive waste be adequately managed?


  1. I think as long as the EPA make it more stringent with rules to transportation (similar to Queensland), this will stop would be transporters making quick $’s and not adhering to the laws which I see regularly in SA being flouted.
    It does become annoying when some companies train their staff and ensure they are licensed to store an handle, then other companies completely disregard potential hazards for their staff.

    Personally I would welcome a system one rule for every state and every driver / company needs to be licensed and audited to ensure compliance is kept up.

  2. The risk can be managed.. but only if you treat the transportation of radioactive waste as you would moving Gold bullion. The Chinese have a wonderful system when they move there gold.. total road closures with full Military guard as escorts. and only there people involved in the transportation from the start to the end of it’s journey.. Then for the radioactive waste storage, I suggest a Guantanamo type camp surrounding the facility with a 10 kilometre no go zone. Then and maybe only then will you reduce the risk … but if anything did go wrong then we could use the facility to incarcerate all the people involved with the dump and setting it up especially all the politicians that voted it in… that would be at least be a small compensation and the only accountability needed.

  3. Human Error is always a key factor in risk management.When accidents happen human error is invariably the key determinate.Transportation of Nuclear Waste and Radiation Waste is fraught with danger to humans other species and the environment
    To utilise robotic technology to carry out transportation tasks for nuclear and radiation waste again safety risks are paramount.The problem is accidents will and do happen.The long lasting effects will render the environment useless and a health and environment hazard for thousands of years.We should NOT be going down this path to destruction