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About The Commission

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission provided all interested persons with an opportunity to provide information and evidence that helped guide the Royal Commission in its decision making and formulation of the final report. A Royal Commission, acting on its own, cannot undertake an inquiry into complex social, economic and environmental matters concerning the nuclear… 

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Terms & Conditions

By posting material to this website you agree to the following: I will: Share my ideas and opinions, comment on others’ ideas and make the most of this opportunity to have my say on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission. Only submit posts, votes or contributions on my own behalf, and will not impersonate another… 

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Management, Storage and Disposal of Waste

This Issues Paper will look at the possibility of managing, storing and disposing of nuclear and radioactive waste in South Australia. It will also examine the risks and opportunities of doing this.     Issues Paper – Management, Storage and Disposal of Waste  

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