Day Two review:

The second session of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission has included hearing evidence on energy trends and energy generation technologies.

Speakers were addressing Topic 1 – Climate Change and Energy Policy.

First witnesses for the day were David Swift and Nicola Falcon, from Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Among topics they addressed were:

  • Current and strategic trends in energy demand in Australia
  • Types and relative demand of Australian energy users (current and projected)
  • Impact of decentralisation and efficiency measures.

Dr Mark Diesendorf, Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies at UNSW Australia, was the second witness. His evidence focused on energy policy, energy technology assessment, including economic and environmental impacts, and integrating renewable energy on a large scale into electricity supply-demand systems. He also covered:

  • Low cost methods of abatement of greenhouse gases in Australia
  • Factors affecting viability of energy generation facilities
  • Appropriate assumptions in comparing different energy generation technologies.

The afternoon session involved Professor Gus Nathan and Dr Robert Dickinson, from the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology.

Much of their evidence discussed the delivery of low-cost, clean energy technologies, and covered data on:

  • Low cost methods of abatement of greenhouse gases in Australia
  • Co-generation and the role of energy in industrial production
  • Suitability of nuclear power generation in South Australian context.

The day’s final witness was Professor David Karoly, from the University of Melbourne, who appeared via videolink. A Professor of Atmospheric Science in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, and a member of the Climate Change Authority, his evidence was focused on climate change and climate variability, as well as:

  • Climate change predictions and effects
  • International and national response and targets

Videos and transcripts from today will be available soon on the Public Sessions tab.

The next public session will be on Friday, September 18, 2015 and will be on the National Electricity Market.