The further processing and manufacture of radioactive and nuclear substances and the generation of electricity are the focus of the final two Issues Papers released today by the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission.

Royal Commissioner, Rear Admiral the Honourable Kevin Scarce AC CSC RAN (Rtd), announced the release of the final two Issues Papers and said that the information contained in these two documents would to be useful in assisting those members of the community wishing to make a submission to the Commission.

“The first Issues Paper (Paper two in the series), titled Further Processing of Minerals and Manufacture of Materials Containing Radioactive and Nuclear Substances, looks at the processing and manufacturing of radioactive and nuclear substances, including conversion, enrichment, fabrication or reprocessing in South Australia and risks associated with doing this.

“The second Issues Paper (Paper three in the series) is titled Electricity Generation from Nuclear Fuels and will look at the future potential of generating electricity from radioactive materials in South Australia and discusses the risks, opportunities and impacts compared with other methods of electricity generation – including renewable sources”.

Commissioner Scarce said that since the Royal Commission commenced he had been seeking to ensure that the key documents that will inform the community were released as soon as practicable and were easily available to assist the community to make a submission to the Commission.

“The Royal Commission has held a number of community forums now, and it is evident from the feedback I have received that people in the South Australian community are eager to be provided with background information on the nuclear fuel cycle so that they can consider the evidence and make their own minds up,” he said.

Commissioner Scarce added that the Issues Papers are intended to generate community and industry discussion on the associated risks and opportunities of these aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle.

“The Commission has developed the four Issues Papers to mirror the Terms of Reference so that the public have the necessary information to make a submission and contribute meaningfully to the final report based on facts.

“The more the community can become engaged in this important discussion on the future of the nuclear fuel cycle in South Australia the better it is and the more comprehensive and representative the final report will be”.

The closing date for submissions for Issues Paper 1 (Extraction) and/or Issues Paper 4 (Storage and disposal of waste) is 24 July, 2015. The closing date for submissions for Issues Paper 2 (Further Processing) and/or Issues Paper 3 (Electricity generation) is 3 August, 2015 (This closing date applies to any consolidated written submission addressing all Issues Papers).

More information on the four Issues Papers can be located at www.nuclearrc.sa.gov.au



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