Day Four review:

South Australia’s geology was put under the microscope today at the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission in Adelaide.

In the first public session to be held in the Commission’s office, witnesses were questioned on a range of topics covering the geological formations within SA and overseas, as well as the state’s geophysical data and structure.

Topic 3 covers the geology and hydrogeology of South Australia over two days this week.

Professor David Giles, from the University of Adelaide’s Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre, covered topics such as:

  • Radioactive mineralisation in Australia and overseas
  • Potential for radioactive mineralisation in South Australia
  • State of technical knowledge regarding mineral exploration in South Australia

Dr Steve Hill, Chief Government Geologist and Director of the Geological Survey of South Australia, then spoke on the Geological Survey, as well as:

  • Gaps in technical knowledge of South Australia’s geology
  • Government strategies to enhance understanding of South Australia’s geology

The third witness, Graham Heinson is a Professor of Geophysics and has extensive experience in the use of Magnetotellurics (MT), a geophysical mapping technique which is used to gather data about geological structure and processes. His evidence covered:

  • Tectonics and geophysical properties of South Australia
  • Monitoring of geophysics and data collection
  • Geophysical techniques for mapping radioactive minerals

Two experts from Geoscience Australia were the day’s final witnesses. Dr Andy Barnicoat and Mr Martin Wehner covered aspects of earthquakes and seismic data, such as:

  • Geoscience Australia’s role in gathering seismic data
  • Levels of seismic activity which present risks to infrastructure and facilities
  • Strategies to mitigate risks presented by seismic activity

Video and transcripts of each session will be uploaded into the Public Sessions archive. The next public session begins at 10am, Wednesday, September 23, 2015, in the Commission’s office, Level 5, 50 Grenfell St, Adelaide.

Click here for topic and witness lists for Day Two, Topic 3 – Geology and hydrogeology of South Australia.

**Please note: Witness Professor John Quiggin (Topic 1) will also appear tomorrow Wednesday, September 23 at 2pm.