Comment on Tentative Findings

Do you want to make a comment on the Royal Commission’s Tentative Findings?

The Commission is interested in your views, and invites individuals and organisations to respond, via one of three ways – website, email or via post.

In order to assist you in providing a response, please read the Tentative Response Guidelines. All responses must include a completed Coversheet, containing your name, contact details and authorise publication of the material contained in your response.

Responses should state why the Commission should confirm, modify or reject any of the Tentative Findings, bearing in mind the materials the Commission has relied on as the basis for these views.

If you require assistance in order to respond to the Tentative Findings, please contact the Commission on 08 8207 1480 or via

Response files must not exceed 100MB.


Responses made to the Commission are required to be accompanied by a completed Coversheet the template for which can be downloaded here.


Your response can be uploaded in .txt,.rtf,.pdf,.doc,.docx or .odt format.